Currently Listening to: Revisionist History

If you haven’t heard, the podcast is back with a vengeance. Malcolm Gladwell’s podcast, Revisionist History has been out for just a few weeks, and it’s already sped up the top charts. That’s the kind of effect this guy has. As Stephen Colbert puts it, “It’s basically J.K. Rowling, you, and then cookbooks.”

I love Gladwell’s work because he has an incredible way of engaging his audience with these great, unique stories of people big and small, but then also finds a way to make a powerful, justified social statement. This balance between inspiring anecdotes and hard evidence has allowed for information that would otherwise be exclusively found in technical jargon in academic journals to be accessible to people like you and me.

His new podcast is an extension of that style, but it’s even better in that there’s this emotional layer that can’t be experienced from text alone. Gladwell’s narration and the powerful first person accounts and interviews he incorporates leave us reevaluating society’s institutions and ideals.

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