Gilmore Girls Revival is On Its Way

If you were a ’90s kid, then you’re probably just as obsessed as I am with Gilmore Girls. With a revival on its way in little over a month, Netflix is pulling out all the stops in marketing this four part event, A Year in the Life. Most recently, on October 5th, the day the first Gilmore Girls episode aired, coffee shops around the country became Luke’s for a day, handing out free coffee in cute cups after people waited in long lines early in the morning.  

Sadly for me, I decided to stop by my nearest Hubbub Coffee at around 4 pm, when all that was left of the celebration was a Luke’s sign and cut-out of Scott Patterson laying down his updated set of rules for 2016’s crowd of coffee shop-goers. 


If you missed out on the coffee shindig and also happen to not be among the 1,200 people who got tickets for the Gilmore Girls Fan Festival in the Stars Hollow-inspired town, Washington Depot, you can still experience some of the small town magic on the Town of Stars Hollow website. On there, you can write a letter to Kirk, check out the town updates, and even watch a movie at the Black and White Movie Theater everyThursday, when Netflix links a movie referenced in the show to their app. 

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